May 19, 2014

Download the SAVE App for San Antonio Deals This Summer!

Have you downloaded the San Antonio SAVE app on your phone? Now available for iPhone and Android, this app will save you loads of cash around town as the kids will soon be home through the summer.

You can save money on Lodging, Attractions, Shopping, and more! All you have to do is flash the deal from your phone and SAVE!

Some places you can save money using the SAVE app are at Seaworld, Fiesta Texas, the San Antonio Zoo, the Magik Children's Theatre, Morgans Wonderland, all the museums, and so many more. Almost every hot destination in San Antonio has signed up to offer you deals from this app.

If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to download it on your phone, or visit this link here: San Antonio Mobile Apps.


  1. I will def have to look into this. I am ALWAYS looking for bargains.. Hope the bargains are good.

  2. Definitely Aimee. We've used it to save $3 off every ticket at the Zoo, half off at museums, and more!

  3. Im downloading it right now! I have lots f plans for the summer :)
    Thankyou for this!